Terms & Conditions.


I have a strict ‘Humanity before Vanity’ policy. At no point will I de-matt your dog this is in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 2007 which states, ‘All animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease. Shave downs are often mistaken as the ‘easy option’ by owners but cannot stress enough how distressing and dangerous they can be to both groomer and dog. Once the coat has been removed the skin may be red due to lack of circulation and irritation from dirt trapped underneath. Your dog may have also been biting or scratching areas where the hair is tight and painful. As I was unable to see or feel for any ailments under the fur beforehand I cannot be held responsible for any issues ‘revealed’ during a shave down. This includes any veterinary attention needed afterwards. 

I will always try to save any hair that isn’t matted but I will always be honest and prepare you if your dog is going to look completely different on collection. Even though you may not like the groom please try not to let your dog feel this. After all your dog doesn’t know what they look like and will  be feeling so much better and happy to see you! A lot of owners worry their dog sulks after a haircut, yes they will feel different but a lot of the time it down to them not understanding why their owner is upset.

Problems that are often found under a matted coat are, hotspots and open wounds, haematomas, bacterial infections, mites/fleas, urine and faeces scalding, severe itching. Worst case scenario gangrene and loss of limbs, ears, eyes, etc.

I am always happy to spend the time to show you the correct tools and techniques to maintain a healthy coat between grooms.