Frequently Asked Questions.

My dog is aggressive, will you still groom them?

Each dog is different, if I can groom them safely then the answer is yes.

You must be honest  with me regarding your dogs behaviour even if you are worried or embarrassed to say. Mine AND your dogs safety depends on it. I have worked with lots of dogs who started off with fear aggression, with regular visits and the owners agreeing to some homework we’ve managed to get them comfortable enough to be successfully groomed.

Are your products safe?

From the shampoo to the ear cleaner all the products used are plant based and natural. If you have any concerns about your dogs sensitivity please contact me before their groom.

How many dogs do you have at one time?

I work on a 1 to 1 basis so each dog has their own appointment so all my attention is on them. The only exception would be family’s with multiple dogs who like to come together.

Why don't you have a price list?

The price of your dogs groom is determined by a few things, their coat, their size, your maintenance at home between grooms and how regularly they are groomed. I can always give you a rough idea but every dog is different. With so many mixed breeds of different shapes and sizes its genuinely hard to set prices.

Or for example I have two shih tzus. 1 I see every 6 weeks, coat in good condition and takes up the usual appointment slot. The other I only see twice a year, matted mess and take up 2 appointment slots, it wouldn’t be fair that they cost the same just because they are the same breed.

Do you express anal glands?

No. Now classed as a diagnosis this should be carried out at your veterinary surgery. If this is something your dogs needs often, it may be time to look at a change in diet for your dog.

What if I have any additional questions?

You can contact me via my mobile on 07805 015473 or email me directly at