Terms & Conditions.

Grooming Contract.

My first concern is always the welfare of your dog  Dogs will only be accepted for grooming if they are fit and healthy to do so. As an owner it is your duty to disclose any illnesses, injuries or potential issues your dog may have. This includes behavioural issues or any medication your dog may be on.

Payment to be made on collection of your dog, prices are based on the individual so if for any reason there is a change in your original pricing you will be contacted ahead of collection to explain this and confirm you are happy for me to continue.

Due to the nature of our work there is always a risk of injury. Groomers take every precaution but while working with sharp equipment and a moving target accidents can happen. In the event of any incident you will notified and advised on aftercare, if any.  Should your pet become unwell while in my care you will be contacted immediately. First aid will be given if needed.


Do not book your dog to be groomed same day or day after vaccinations. Although most dogs cope fine please remember vaccinations are amounts of diseases being administered into your dogs system. In case of a reaction or they feel under the weather they should be kept at home.

If you are dissatisfied with your dogs groom please let me know on collection or within 24hrs so I can make any changes while your dogs coat is still prepped. Please note you will not be offered a refund for the service but always have the chance to ask for alterations. If your dog has been shaved short due to mating this comes down to lack of coat care and is in the best interest of your dog. I accept no responsibility and any complaints or threats will not be tolerated.

I take photos/videos during grooms, these are kept on file for reference and sometimes used for advertising or social media purposes. I always check with you are happy for me to do so but if you change your mind please don’t hesitate to let me know.

If someone else is dropping off your dog please contact me before hand to explain how you’d like them to be groomed.

While I am experienced with nervous/difficult dogs I reserve the right to stop the appointment at any time should their change in behaviour make the job unsafe. Part of the grooming charge may still apply and advice will be given on how we can manage going forward.

I do not groom dogs under sedation and will need to discuss this further with their vet. I may also ask to assess your dog before we make an appointment.

Please always toilet your dog before their appointment.