Terms & Conditions.

Fleas & Ticks.

If you think your dog may have fleas please reschedule your appointment until your dog is clear.

Fleas can be difficult to see until your dog they are in the bath and wet. Once it’s clear your dog has fleas you will be contacted as soon as possible. This is to give you the opportunity ahead of time to clean any bedding/carpets and be prepared with flea treatments. If your dog has fleas unfortunately its highly likely that your house does too, so it’s important to treat your house to prevent re-infestation.

Once your dog has been washed they will then be lathered in a safe flea shampoo and left to sit for 5/10 minutes to make sure the fleas are dealt with.

A fee of £8 will be added onto your groom, this is to cover cost of extra products, clean up time and fumigation.

If I find any ticks while grooming your dog you will be contacted immediately. I am happy to remove them but when contacting you will give you the option to see a vet instead.